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Джейн Эйр
(2 DVD)

Джейн Эйр (2 DVD). Подробней...  DVD

 375 руб.


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Джин Луиза Келли / Jean Louisa Kelly

9 марта 1972 [»]

Джин Луиза Келли
Краткая биография:
A native of Massachusetts, she started her career at age 11, playing the title role of "Annie" at Rhode Island's Theatre by the Sea. She made her Broadway debut four years later, with Bernadette Peters in "Into the Woods."
A 1994 graduate of Columbia University with a B.A. in English, Kelly made her screen debut at age 16 in the film "Uncle Buck." Later she appeared in the television movies "One More Mountain," and "Tad." Ms. Kelly also co-starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation of "Breathing Lessons" with James Garner and Joanne Woodward, and "Harvest of Fire" with patty Duke and Lolita Davidovitch. Kelly can also be seen starring as Luisa in the upcoming feature film version of "The Fantasticks."
Jeannie played "Rowena" in "Mr. Holland's Opus", in which, as in "The Fantasticks", she was given the rare opportunity to display her singing talents in a Hollywood studio feature film. She has since appeared in several television movies, including TNT's "The Day Lincoln Was Shot", ABC's "The Ruby Bridges Story" and UPN's "The Cyberstalking". Jeannie has also landed principal roles in several independent feature films, including "A Stranger in the Kingdom," "Landfall" and "Origin of the Species", all of which have not yet been released. Jeannie appeared in an episode of "Law & Order" and "Mad About You" as "Nurse Diane."
Although film and television has kept her busy, Jeannie continues to pursue her love for New York City Theatre. She was cast as Betty Lou Spence in the musical "It Girl" at the York Theater, NY in May 2001.
In the spring of 2000, Jeannie was cast in a NBC 1 hour dramedy "Cold Feet" which was not picked up for a new season. Currently Jeannie can be seen every monday evening on the CBS comedy "Yes, Dear".

Актерские работы:
  1. Дядя Бак - 1989 (Комедия)

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Джин Луиза Келли

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